Although the quality of your products are vital to the success of your business, the importance of how you package that product is fundamental. You never get a second chance at a first impression and your potential customers will never get to know you or your product if you don’t entice them with an attractive and memorable brand.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that you don’t attempt to design your own brand (honestly – these things are far better left in the capable hands of professionals), or, even worse, neglect your brand altogether. But which brand design agency should you choose?

With so many options out there, selecting the right agency for you can become something of a headache. However, following a few simple rules and making sure you have a game-plan from the outset will ensure you end up with the perfect brand design agency for your business.

1. Know what you want

Obviously, you don’t need to have a brand design completely mapped out in your head. However, knowing your product back-to-front and your target demographic will help you narrow down the choice of brand design agencies to those which are best suited to your needs.

2. Have a budget

One of the major difficulties for start-ups is limited finances. Firstly, drawing up a budget allows you to weed out the companies that fall out of your price range and to have a clear idea of what you’re spending. Also, look for a brand design agency that offers fixed price costs. This stops any nasty surprises down the line and brings price creep to a grinding halt.

3. Research and vet

There are countless brand design agencies out there vying for your attention. Taking the above points into consideration, you should be able to narrow that field down considerably. Then you’ll need to do your homework. Check out a few websites and see if they are active. Do they blog? Are they on social media? Do they offer resources? And how do their websites function? If they are thriving online, they can do the same for you too.

4. Get in contact

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, put out some feelers. Phone calls or emails are equally acceptable, but you should make allowances. Some agencies (especially successful, large, vibrant ones) are busy entities. Any longer than a few working days with no response, however, and they can be discarded from your list. Goodbye!

5. Build a relationship

After selecting the brand design agency that’s right for you, make sure you take the time to forge a connection with them. If they are going to deliver a service that you’re happy with, they’ll need to understand your business completely and know what makes you tick.

Also, in the event that you’re not happy with their initial efforts, there is a chance you’ll need follow-up work and revisions undertaken. Look for a company that offers unlimited re-designs and you can circumnavigate the need to operate outside of your budget at a later date.

Intelligent Solutions from Innovative

At Innovative Consultancy, we know the financial challenges that start-ups often face and the potential headaches these can cause when selecting a brand design agency. That’s why we offer fixed price costs to suit all budgets, ensuring there’s no danger of cost creep. Plus, we also guarantee unlimited redesigns, so that you can rest assured that you’ll get the brand you’re happy with. We understand people know what they like when they see it, but can’t often articulate in words what they like … so we go the extra mile to reduce the risk for start-ups.

Among other services, we offer:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Advertising Material
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing

To find out more about how we can help your start-up and transform your brand, contact us on 01794-399-800 or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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