Jon Snow may know nothing, but there are some important lessons we can learn from our favourite TV show, Game of Thrones. Especially when it comes to logo design. Yes, that’s right – when it comes to designing the perfect logo you don’t need to look further than the Seven Kingdoms for all the inspiration you need. In this blog, we’ve rounded up five lessons on logo design that we’ve learned from our favourite Houses in the show. Enjoy!

1. Make it simple

Each of the House crests features meaningful symbols. From the famous Lannister gold lion to the Stark dire wolf – heraldry is made up of simple designs and colours which are easily recognisable.

When it comes to great logo design, simplicity is key. Audiences want to see images or type that they can easily link to a brands or business.

2. Make it memorable

When you think Targaryen, you think dragons. And when you think Baratheon, you think of a crowned black stag (and Robert). The House crests are designed with memorable images of significant symbols which relate to each of the families. This makes it easy to associate each of the Houses with the relevant designs.

Closely linked to our first point of simplicity, making a logo that is memorable is essential to successful branding. Keep your logo design simple and it’s sure to be one that your audience won’t forget.

3. Make it timeless

As the families of each House grow, their heraldry remains perfectly intact and as important as day one. After all, the sigils allow each of the families to identify with their ancestry and where they belong. This is how Daenerys made her connection with Targaryen and soon went on to (spoiler removed).

Your logo needs to work for your brand for years to come. That’s why a timeless design is essential. Create a logo that’s unique and personal, rather than one that is following recent trends that could easily go out of style.

4. Make it adaptable

You may have noticed the Lannister gold lion plastered all over Casterly Rock – featured on the heraldry, furniture and even family clothing. The gold lion crest is an adaptable design and as a significant aspect of the House, it is easily embedded into everything the Lannister’s own.

A versatile design for your logo will allow you to shift and shape it into any of your marketing materials. A complex design will only bring limitations to how it can be used down the line. You need a logo that’s going to grow, evolve and expand with your brand.

5. Make it fitting

With beheadings, witchcraft and white-walkers on the loose – it’s no surprise that each of the House crests are used to mark strength, power and triumph. The designs of each sigil feature either mythological animals or symbols that are appropriate and relevant to the power and history of each of the Houses.

Your logo needs to be designed with your intended audience in mind. Who do you want to appeal to? The design of your logo should seek to suit your audience and brand image.

Can we help?

Ultimately, your logo is the first and last thing people will remember about your brand and business. It needs to accurately reflect your business, while remaining simple, memorable and timeless. If you’d like to know how Innovation Consultancy’s logo design services can help you and your business, get in touch. Call us today on 01794-399-800.

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