The Brief

Naked Leader are a Leadership and Management training company who analyse company procedures and training, helping to improve management techniques and implement efficient working procedures. Rosalind from Naked Leader contacted Innovative looking for a bespoke system for users to complete business specific questionnaires which could be white-labeled for their clients. All the answers are scored and rated using their advanced metrics and the relevant advice is given to the clients based on the results.

Our Approach

After our meeting with Rosalind, Innovative established the core requirements for the project; complex questionnaires, user group distributions and multiple group memberships. Using WordPress enabled us to quickly build the framework into which we developed the bespoke questionnaire technology, WordPress allowed us to tap into the vast membership functionality that exists to build a system that Naked Leader could utilise.

Naked Leader Website Project

Custom Questionnaires

We built multi-page, multi-access and interactive online questionnaires which helped to gather the key data used by Naked Leader to assess their clients businesses.

Unique Membership Functionality

We produced company specific questionnaires locked down to different levels of employee roles within each company, creating unique membership areas on a company and job role basis.

White Labelling

Our system gave Rosalind and her team the ability to completely whitelabel all client pages, meaning they could present wholly customised areas for their clients.

Responsive Web Design

The questionnaires and all other aspects of the website were optimised for browsing on mobile devices, allowing users to complete the complete questionnaires even on their mobile device.


"I'm really happy with this system it is just what I wanted - so thank you for a professional speedy, reliable solution and a fantastic user guide to complete the project. Great job!"

Rosalind Howard - CEO, Naked Leader