Online shoppers are savvier than ever. And the competition for their business is fierce. So how exactly can your e-commerce business stay ahead of your rivals? It’s simple! Take advantage of the top five e-commerce trends of 2015:

1. Focus on M-Commerce (Mobile Device Customers)

This first trend comes as no surprise, in 2014, Shopify reported that mobile devices accounted for at least 50.3% of all e-commerce traffic. With this growing figure in mind alongside Google’s recent mobile algorithm update, retailers are shifting their focus to mobile commerce and if you haven’t done so yet, you definitely should be looking to do so.

Creating secure mobile payment options, optimising your site for the multiude of mobile device screens and making the perfect omnichannel customer journey will give consumers what they want, expect and need. By doing this, you ultimately drive more traffic to your store and should expect your orders volumes rising!

2. App Up!

It’s not just about mobile friendly websites – it’s all about apps too. Custom-built apps have become and continue to be a popular tool for e-commerce retailers. With the likes of well-known brands like Amazon, eBay and H&M all making popular apps, many smaller e-commerce businesses are also jumping on the trend.

Benefits include built-in location GPS, which provides customers with the nearest stockist, push notifications for updates on sales and offers, and offline availability so customers can shop whenever, wherever. As a result, apps could become more reliable and popular than mobile sites. If customers enjoy using your stores app, there’s a good chance they’ll return again and again.

3. Social Selling

An increasing number of retailers are active and present on social media. Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and countless other platforms brands are finding new and unique ways to reach their customers. With social selling, you can create personalised shopping experiences while growing your brand online.

Using data and analytics insights you can find out more about your audience to shape offers and promotions. Tailored promotions, along with responsive and interactive designs will create a vibrant online presence for your brand and grow your business.

4. 24/7 Opening Hours

The Internet never sleeps. And for this means 24/7 opening hours. We live in an age where consumers know what they want, how they’re going to get it and when they expect to receive it. For e-commerce retailers, this means stepping up the game and creating an online store that is always accessible.

People don’t want to be waiting around for their orders to be processed, just the same as they don’t expect slow service in store. Creating quick one-click order processing, same day delivery and in-store pick-up options, as well as free returns policies will go a long way in pleasing your customers. Make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible and you’re sure to secure long-term, loyal customers.

5. Global Customer Reach

Consumers are not afraid to cross geographical borders when it comes to online shopping, so your e-commerce site needs to be completely up-to-scratch with global customer reach.

Creating local pricing, a familiarised user-experience and global shipping rates gives potential customers across the world a reason to buy from you. Ensuring your business meets the demands of customers globally is a sure-fire way to increase your reach, attract new visitors and vamp up your sales. What more could you want for your e-commerce business?

As you can see, a lot has changed and is continuing to change in the e-commerce world. If you want to keep your business ahead of its competition and ensure your customers return, it’s a good idea to stay on top of the latest trends.

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