There has never been a better time to own an e-commerce website. The days of high street shopping, cute shop windows and bargain bins are on the wane. In its place, online retail continues to expand. People are increasingly opening their wallet online and enjoying a faster, cheaper, easier shopping experience. And who can blame them?

As a result, completion online is fierce and many stores miss out on the market. If you are launching a new e-commerce website or overhauling an old one, where should you start? Which e-commerce platform will give you the best chance of success? There are many platforms out there, such as Magento, Prestashop, Shopify or Zencart. In this blog, we’ll be looking at our favourite option – the underrated, but increasingly popular WordPress e-commerce platform.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider a WordPress e-commerce above all else:

1. Popularity

If you weren’t already aware, WordPress is phenomenally popular. It currently supports a whopping 74.6 million sites, with six new posts being generated every second. Its popularity means that people are familiar with it and trust it – which is vital when it comes to the world of e-commerce. Using a system that your target market is already comfortable with hugely increases the chances that they will feel confident enough to buy from you.

2. Ease of Use

One of the reasons behind WordPress’s soaring popularity is its ease of use. Again, this makes buying online more attractive for customers and allows you to direct more of your traffic towards the sales funnel. Furthermore, updates and modifications, designed to make it even more efficient and user-friendly, are released all of the time. In fact, the source code for the original site is updated as many as 80 times daily, and there have been 98 full versions of the site at the time of writing.

3. Ease of Customisation

One incredibly attractive facet of a WordPress e-commerce website is the plethora of themes that come with it. Having a site that is both unique and aesthetically-appealing is of the utmost importance when luring customers into a sale – and WordPress’s flexibility means that it can cater to all markets and tastes.

4. Price is free to use and many of its plugins and add-ons are completely free of charge. This makes it a great cost-effective option for small businesses and websites who perhaps don’t have a huge variety of products to sell, but still need specific services and templates. Which leads on to…

5. Plugins and Gateways

Websites with unique requirements, such as complex shipping instructions and options, inventory, customer reviews, business follow-up, event listings, ticketing capabilities and credit card integration, will do well to choose a WordPress e-commerce option. Its plugins are equipped to deal with all manner of transactions and conditions, and it has gateways to many respected payment services, such as Paypal, Google Checkout and Chronopay.

6. Responsive

Responsive websites have been championed as one of the top trends for a few years now. But, we’d argue it’s more than a trend – it’s essential. Did you know that 80% of consumers shop on their smartphones? Or that 40% of people will leave a website and try again if it’s not mobile friendly? Put simply, if your e-commerce website isn’t responsive, you will be left behind. And this problem will only increase as mobile shopping becomes even more prevalent in 2015 and beyond.

Fortunately, many WordPress themes are already responsive, so this box is already ticked for you. With this in place, it doesn’t matter what device somebody uses to view your website. It could be a smart phone, PC, laptop or tablet – a responsive WordPress website will resize the content accordingly and will also enhance the user’s experience.

At Innovation Consultancy, we typically use WooCommerce, a plugin designed specifically to cater to the e-commerce industry by WordPress. WooCommerce offers countless advantages – it’s flexible, simple and it comes with plenty of apps. It’s free too, which means we can pass extra savings onto our clients. Most importantly, WooCommerce is responsive – so it’s built with mobile devices in mind. In fact, every site we build is designed to the scale of the viewing device. This is how we provides the best possible user experience regardless of the viewing platform.

Why Go Innovative?

At Innovative Consultancy, we know that a pristine, attractive and functional e-commerce website is a must-have for any business looking to expand its operation, increase its customer-base and maximise profits. We also know that setting up such a platform can be one long series of headaches, especially for those who are not technologically savvy or are concerned about information security.

With that in mind, we strive to offer a professional, bespoke WordPress e-commerce website design service that will prioritise the specific demands of your business, looks aesthetically-pleasing and guarantees the highest levels of security. To learn more about the specific steps in our service, please visit our website or contact us on 01794-399-800 or send an email.

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