A recent study by RainToday.com showed that 97% of surveyed buyers – from companies of all sizes – say a provider’s website has an influence on their ultimate purchase decision.

Before making major purchases, consumers go online looking for the best deals and incentives. They compare one vehicle to another looking for the best match. Contractors can display photos of completed work, or work in stages, to demonstrate their expertise, and consumers appreciate it when businesses allow them to make their own educated decisions.

Online shops use shopping carts and payment gateways where the consumer can purchase goods directly. The virtual store is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to consumers around the world. It has no employee overhead or utility costs. Payment is made online by credit card or PayPal and deposited into the company’s account, keeping things simple for both the provider and consumer.


A Website Is An In-house PR Firm

The website is the sales manager, public relations manager and educator of your business. It provides your company with a platform to express its business philosophy, gives extensive detail on products and services as well as providing a ready made e-mail list for sales pitches and special offers.

A website is the international business headquarters of a company, big or small. It is not limited by inches, blocks of air time or even international boundaries. Information does not need to be crammed into a certain number of column inches or recorded and filmed in sixty seconds or less.


Website Visitors Already Know What They Want

People look for websites. They use search engines to find the websites that offer items they want to buy or information they want to read. If a customer comes to your website through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, they have already made the first step in their decision to invest in your business.


So Does Every Business Need a Website?

Yes! It speaks volumes about the credibility of the company as well as the products and services it offers. Done well, it can create brand new business in new global locations, and in new markets you never thought possible. It can boost sales considerably and provide your customers with a direct way to buy your products and services.

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