Why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the text on your site should never be an afterthought – it goes hand in hand with a great website design and can mean a potential customer stays or leaves…


Getting Your Name Out There

A professional SEO copywriter should be the first point of contact when you start to build your site. Nowadays the only place people look when searching for a new product or service (aside from family and friends) is the internet, and their first point of call will be their favourite search engine. If your site isn’t configured to those search engines, your potential customers haven’t a hope of finding you.


First Impressions Count

So let’s say you’ve tackled your SEO and potential clients are flocking to your site. As soon as they reach your page, they’re asking:

  • Why should I stay here? Is this site intended for me?
  • What benefits will these products/services bring me?
  • Why should I sign up/ buy this product?
  • Why should I do it now?

Strong copy goes hand in hand with a great design; without one, the other fails to answer any of the above questions. Customers can’t see how they will benefit from spending time on your site and they leave, sometimes within 30 seconds of reaching your site. So making sure the text on your page is engaging is just as important as getting the design right.


Speaking to Your Customers

As any good copywriter knows, good writing is 90% research. Getting to the heart of your potential customers, asking the right questions and speaking their language is paramount in keeping them interested.


Being Remembered

Think about the advertisements you remember from childhood. It’s more than likely that those adverts spoke your language and appealed to your needs at the time, and your site needs to do the same for your audience. Web users are bombarded with advertisements and sales pitches every day. For your online marketing to succeed, it has to be unique, memorable and stick in their minds.


The Difference a Professional Copywriter Can Make

Without the words to get your site up the search engine rankings, and without the copy to entice your readers to stay on the page, your site does not market itself and will not give your readers a reason to buy your products. If the copy does not convert traffic into successful and profitable leads, then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you have – it’s not working.

Hiring a professional web copywriter can make a world of difference to your site’s success. SEO and writing for the web is no longer as simple as loading your site up with keywords: keeping up with current web trends and the changing needs of the major search engines is a full time job. Why not give your site the attention it deserves?

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