Here at Innovative we like to work, we like to work a lot! But we also like to play. Lunchtime is the best time for getting away from the work and getting in to our own lives.

Read on for each of our top 3 lunchtime websites:

Kenn – Senior Developer

1. Facebook
My top website would have to be Facebook. I’m not the kind of person that needs to keep in touch with people every second of the day, I am however the kind of person who gets easily addicted to games, at the moment I am loving the Marvel Avengers Alliance game on Facebook. For 30 minutes a day I get to control my favorite Marvel super heroes, which ahead of the Avengers Assemble film, is making me even more excited.

2. BBC Sport
Secondly I would have to say BBC Sport, being a Manchester United fan, I need to keep myself in the loop on everything that is happening with Man U and since I have friends who are Scunthorpe, Southampton and Plymouth Argyle fans, I need to keep up to date with everything happening in pretty much every other english league. I hear you say, why not the Sky Sports website? Well it’s too flashy, too much going on that distracts me from the information I have come to find, and to be honest, I don’t find it as easy to navigate as the BBC Sport site.

Finally I spend quite some time on, playing a few classic online games, like Blast Billiards and Pinch Hitter. Nothing more satisfying than smacking a virtual baseball out of a virtual stadium!


Ben – Managing Director

Top of my list is I always like to keep myself in the loop about whats popular on the web and is a great way of finding what people are looking at and talking about.

I can’t get through a day without paying a visit to I own a few Mac products and keep myself up to date with new issues, releases and everything Mac orientated.

I know lunch is the time to play but is great for learning more about marketing, new skills, up to date techniques and seeing examples of what is working around the world. Helps to keep Innovative Consultancy well Innovative.

More sites from other members of staff in the coming weeks . . . keep coming back to view more, and feel free to share with us what your top lunchtime sites are.

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