[blueintro]As we’ve noted before here at Innovative Consultancy, email newsletters are one of the most important tools available to digital marketers. They are cost effective and reach customers with relevant, timely communications.[/blueintro] Our web design Hampshire office can easily advise you as to how to implement these invaluable strategies for your company.


Email Volume

Email campaign volumes and open rates sky rocketed in the fourth quarter of 2011. Average email volumes per client grew 21 percent compared to data collected the previous year. Average open rates increased 12.2 percent over the course of the year as well. Emails with copy about a service or offer were opened most frequently — 45.6% of the time.


Clicks = Cash

The data shows that email campaigns are starting to matter. Clicks are starting to turn into cash for companies doing it right. One way to maximise results is to make sure copy is connecting with the audience.


Keep it Short

Always choose clarity over creativity. Heavy words and metaphors are generally not the way to reach people in an email campaign. Anything lengthy will cause people to click and delete.


Keep it Personal

Write personably and in the second person. Sound like you are having a conversation. Also, ask questions. Although people aren’t truly going to answer your question, it creates engagement on a subconscious level.

Don’t be afraid to change your tactics. Our web design experts are there to help. Keep trying different things until it sticks. While experimenting, it’s important to stay true to your brand. Don’t lose yourself or you will lose customers.


Make it Mobile

Another thing to think about is where your readers will be reading your email. Keep in mind 57 percent of email is read on a smart phone. Be sure to have your web designers check different platforms so your email can be delivered and consumed.

Remember if done correctly email marketing can be an awesome way to improve return on investment. If you want to know what we can do for your company, Contact Us today.

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