Charities and the Cookie Directive

26th May 2012 marks the first day that the European Cookie Directive bans the use of web cookies without the users expressed consent. Any site that has not addressed the Cookies Concern by this date could be liable to enforcement measures or even prosecution.

EU Directive 2009/136/EC, which requires users to consent before web sites harvest data from them, has been worrying website builders for a while. Although the intention of the law appears benign enough – to ensure that website visitors are informed about how their information will be stored and used and that they give consent for that purpose, it poses some problems.

The nub of the problem is this: how do you go about getting informed consent from a site visitor, when they don’t understand what cookies are for? So far there is no one answer because different sites use different cookies for a host of different purposes, however by adopting a clear, honest transparent policy and speaking in plain English about how Cookies are used you should be able to reassure your audience and gain their informed consent.

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