Website Wireframe - 5 Must Have Design Features

As web designers, keeping up with user-friendly features is what we do best. Our Web Design Hampshire team works hard to design websites that are easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Here are the top five features that you absolutely have to have:

  • Responsive Interface Design

Keeping users in mind is key to a working web design. Salisbury Hardwood Flooring is a good case study for this.  As your eyes scroll over the different items the page elements change and menus are easy to click on. This is a handy way for customers to navigate a website.

  • Ribbons and Banners

This design technique isn’t necessarily new but it hasn’t gone fully mainstream yet either. Ribbons and banners are also ways to introducing branding into web design. Salisbury Hardwood Flooring had its branding logo worked into the banner of the site, which also matched the business cards. Keeping uniform design increases consumer recognition.

  • Dynamic Typography

Fonts are huge for web design. Too small, people can’t read it. Too much of a script, still can’t read. Big, chunky font may not match your company’s delicate corporate colour theme. Using different fonts sparingly but purposefully increases web design and interest.

  • Downloadable Content

Offering freebies has always been popular. Who doesn’t love free stuff? When considering web design, look at what you can send to your consumer that will be beneficial to your company as well. Is it a newsletter? Is it a brochure?  For Salisbury Hardwood Flooring it was creating a place for customers to subscribe to a newsletter.

  • Exaggerated Hyperlinks

Links are one of the most important elements of web design. You want visitors of your site to see where they can click to find out more information. Taking it up a notch, adding in icons to exaggerate links ups the likelihood users will see the link and will have more of an aesthetic appeal.

Our Web Design Salisbury team worked all of these design elements into the Salisbury Hardwood Flooring website. Let us do the same for you.

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