How much does a website cost? That is a question we will never stop hearing at our web design Salisbury office. We hear it time after time, meeting after meeting. You might be surprised to learn that isn’t always an easy question to answer.

Websites that are done professionally by trained and trusted web design companies, start at £1500 and go up from there.

Before you start to worry over the cost, let us explain. Of course you could find a neighbour of a friend of a friend that builds websites for £350, but what will that get you?

Well, we can tell you what it won’t get you. It will not get you a professionally designed website, with a professional and stunning logo! Typically people who develop sites out of their own homes use templates. Templates can be okay for a short time but cannot be sustained over time.

In our experience, a lot of clients that have had websites built by a friend realise less than a year later what a mess it was to clean up poor content or coding. Then they wind up spending more money on top of what they spent for the “cheap” website.

When you go with a professional design agency there is a lot of customisation involved. We can work with you to develop a brand. Innovative Consultancy also does search engine optimisation built right into your site.

There are added costs of marketing and SEO. Once your site is up, your work is not done. Copy needs to be added and tweaked; code needs to be clean for Google to read; and your logo needs to put on display so customers recognise you.

We can bet your neighbour of a friend of a friend isn’t including all of this for £350. A website is an investment and a something that requires maintenance. But with Innovative Consultancy, we can work with your budget and what your immediate needs are. Our aim is to help you get your website and business moving.

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