How do I improve my website? At our web design Hampshire office, it’s a question we often hear. People don’t realize how a few little tweaks can make a huge difference. While many people are only focused on the design of their website, there is much more that goes into it.

To improve your website, focusing on design is a good start. But making the user’s life easy is even better. Research shows that if a user can’t find what they are looking for in the first 5 to 30 seconds, they will move on to the next site.

Keep text clear and concise. Stay away from script fonts, as they are harder to read. Use keywords and cut out information that isn’t necessary. Write in short sentences; as people tend to skim copy now instead of fully read it.

Preparing your website to function easily is a priority. Make sure your website is accessible in all countries. At times this can be due to legal issues, but most times it is not. Be sure that all of your friends can find your site, no matter their location.

Another way to improve your site is to be sure it works on all browsers. Not everyone uses Internet Explorer anymore, so it’s important to be sure it functions on Mozilla FireFox, Chrome and others.

If you’re looking for more sales through your website, don’t waste a customer’s time. When asking for information on contact forms, ask for only basic information. A long form will turn potential sales away.

At our web design Hampshire office, we have all of these solutions and more. Just drop us an enquiry so we can get working on improving your site and your overall business.

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