So, you need a website. Now what? You need to find a company. But how will you know a good company when you see one? Many people design and implement websites out of their basements but are they a good fit for you? It depends on what you want and how you want to grow your business.

Our web design Hampshire team takes great pride in their work and their ability to help customers. We’ve compiled a list of tips to know that you are choosing a legitimate web design company.

A website design company’s fees need to be performance based. While charging an hourly rate for design is normal, do not continue to pay an hourly fee once the website is finished. Pay should become performance based thereafter.

Do not sign a contract with a company that doesn’t have a portfolio. Designers are proud of their work and results they’ve achieved so they share it. There should be a testimonials page to look at as well. If these things are not present, be aware; this company may not be legitimate.

Look for honesty. This can be more difficult, but a good web design company should be upfront with you about their turnaround time and how much it should cost when it’s all said and done. A company that isn’t sure, or can’t predict, doesn’t know what they are doing.

Smart web design companies will be able to give you a design and a hosting site. You shouldn’t be in charge of finding a site to host your URL. They should be knowledgeable enough to already have a site they use to host URLs.

After your website is completed, you should be able to handle certain updates. No web design company will create a website so difficult that you cannot get in (where possible we develop our sites in CMS systems to allow greater control for you once the project has been completed). Accessibility is something they should include in your design. You shouldn’t have to go back to the company every time you want to change something. It’s their way of inflating pricing.

With Innovative Consultancy, you can be sure that we are a proven company with testimonials and a portfolio. Our web design Hampshire team will do everything to make your vision become reality.

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