It’s hard to think of a business or individual not on social media. People even make their dogs and new-born babies Facebook pages. Besides being social, what is social media really relevant to?

It can make a difference in your search rankings. The smartest thing a company can do online to get visibility in search engine results is content creation. Google loves fresh and original content. This goes along with social media pages. Google has started to use Google+ posts in its search results. Having your website found organically also has to do with social media pages. The search engines notice when your pages are being updated, or when fans share or tweet content. It’s more hits to your website and gives you better authority with a search engine. Also, you need to remember your competition is most likely on social media. Tap into their customer base. You know never know what partnerships or tips or new clients you may gain just through Facebook. Social media is also a free source to find clients. There are no weekly fees or hosting fees. Literally set up a page, add it to your website and track what clients come from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We are sure you will see a difference in your visibility. It’s like having free PR on the top of your page. When your website is being designed be sure to talk to about integrating your social media sites. You need visible buttons on the top of the page. Sometimes potential clients would rather look at a Facebook; it’s what they are used to. Our web design Hampshire team is very knowledgeable with social media. We can design, integrate and implement SEO tactics for you.

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